Students with exceptional ability and academic achievement may be identified for the GATE program. In order for a student to qualify for GATE, they take the OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test) which measures the cognitive skills that relate to a student’s ability to learn and succeed in school and examines both verbal and nonverbal abilities. This test is administered in October. 


    Please note that the program opportunities for GATE students are limited as the State provides little funding for GATE; however, the Buckeye Union School District is continuing its process of identification and, for those that qualify, some opportunities for enrichment. At Rolling Hills, there will be afterschool enrichment activities organized for GATE students about 1-2 times per trimester. Students will be notified of these opportunities through the student bulletin, Bengal Weekly News, and the GATE Google Classroom. 


    If a GATE student is looking for further enrichment opportunities, we encourage them to explore the myriad of clubs offered here at Rolling Hills. 


    For more information contact our GATE liaison, Michelle Oustad at MOUSTAD@BUCKEYEUSD.ORG or visit our district GATE website at HTTP://WWW.BUCKEYEUSD.ORG/GATE.ASP.