Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes

  • Do you know the warning signs for type 1 (juvenile) diabetes in children and young adults? Knowing these signs (which may occur suddenly) could help save a life: 

    • Extreme thirstdiabetic bracelet
    • Frequent urination
    • Increased appetite
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Sudden vision changes
    • Drowsiness, lethargy
    • Heavy, labored breathing
    • Fruity or sweet breath odor
    • Nighttime bedwetting
    • Altered or loss of consciousness

    If your child or someone else you know begins to experience these symptoms, contact your pediatrician immediately. Type 1 diabetes symptoms as it is often mistaken for common illness such as the flu during this time of year. Within our county school districts, school nurses have reported having one or more students diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year. Misdiagnosis can have tragic consequences so learning the warning signs can save a life. Early diagnosis is critical to treatment. Please share what you've learned with others you know. 

    More information about type 1 diabetes can be found online at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF): Article in its entirety can be found at:  http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?page_id=103498