Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Subject Area Content Standards:

    The State's content area standards are implemented within the Buckeye Union School District. A link to content area standards is provided here: California Content Standards

    State and Local Assessments:

    Buckeye Union's educators utilize a diverse set of assessment strategies in order to monitor student progress throughout the school year. The continuum of assessment begins with classroom-based assessments that inform daily instruction. In addition, teachers of students in:

    • Grades 1-8 administer the STAR Reading assessment
    • Grades 2-5 administer the Benchmark Assessment System
    • Grades 2-8 administer nationally normed interim assessments (Fastbridge) in early fall and early winter in Reading
    • Grades K-8 administer the iReady diagnostic assessment in fall, winter and spring

    The results of these local assessments provide teachers with valuable information for tailoring instruction throughout the year leading up to the annual State assessments in English/Language Arts and Mathematics that occur in April/May. Additionally, students are annually administered State assessments measuring mastery of Science and Physical Education standards. Information regarding the State's assessment program and the performance of Buckeye Union students on State assessments may be found on the California Department of Education website: State Testing.

    For questions about the District's implementation of content standards or assessments, please contact Rachelle Ball, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

    Rachelle Ball

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    (530) 677-2261, ext. 1002 or