• School Mission:

    The Rolling Hills Community is focused on academic rigor, personal responsibility, and mutual respect to develop the whole child as a contributing and informed citizen.

    School Vision:

    TLC: Think, Learn, Collaborate

    El Dorado Hills, California, is the home of Rolling Hills Middle School. Our school winds over twenty-three acres and houses about 1000 students in grades six through eight. We have a true partnership among the school, staff, children, parents, and the community.

    California educational standards drive our instruction, assessment, and reporting on student progress in each curricular area. We are a flexible and proactive school that responds to changing needs and current data. Our yearly goals focus on our site needs as well as the district’s goals. We have cooperation at the district level to support curricular changes.

    Rolling Hills attends to the social, emotional, and educational needs of young adolescents by combining staff and parents’ insights, professional observations, and student input to use in driving our curriculum and professional development. We incorporate rallies, assemblies, and focus activities on a monthly basis to support student connection and social-emotional learning. In addition to offering the academic core classes, we have a variety of programs in our exploratory program such as art, home economics, technology, Spanish, and band to support student needs and enhance student interests. We celebrate excellence in all areas of life and learning at Rolling Hills. We continue to have assemblies focused on anti-bullying and awareness (most recently, Point Break), and Leadership students are trained as upstanders on campus to take a stand against bullying.  We expect social, emotional, and academic responsibility from every person on our campus, but we also help students in their endeavor to achieve these goals.