• Independent Study Contract

    Students who are going to be out of school for five or more days for reasons other than illness or injury may be eligible for independent study. Independent Study Contracts may be issued up to two times in the school year. The length of an Independent Study Contract is not to exceed ten (10) school days for grades K-3 or 20 school days for grades 4-8 per school year. There is a specific set of district criteria for independent study. The criteria for approval include an acceptable reason for requesting the independent study and evidence that the student will work independently to complete assignments. This program requires a contract signed by the parent, student, teacher and administrator. The contract specifies the amount of work to be completed, the amount of time to be spent each day, when the work will be turned in to the teacher and how the work will be evaluated. An Independent Study Contract must be requested one week prior​ to a the last day of attendance prior to the absence so that teachers can prepare materials for the student. An Independent Study Contract will not be issued for the first week of school or the last two weeks of school since the contract must be completed BEFORE​ the end of the school year. Independent Study Contract forms are available in the school office.