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2015 National Blue Ribbon School

When Oak Meadow's school doors opened twelve years ago, the staff had the goal to create a community where all stakeholders were vital to the success for students.  Through the years the goal remains constant; provide students with a challenging curriculum, taught by a well trained staff, together with the support of the community whose number one focus is doing "what's best for kids".

The commitment to fostering an environment where students take pride in their collaborative achievement as well as their individual success is modeled from the top.  The staff believes that instructional leadership is accomplished through innovation, peer coaching, and collaboration.  The rationale behind all curricular decisions is the core belief in the 4C's: How does the instruction and presentation of material, support "collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking"?  With the 4C's in place, all students are engaged in meaningful instruction, activities, and assignments based on their assessed needs.  Parent and community volunteers are an invaluable asset to Oak Meadow.  Students enjoy the benefits of a discipline based art education program managed by parent docents.  Local businesses including Intel and Blue Shield, encourage, inspire and guide students with school and life goals through mentor programs.  Just as important as developing students' techological and science skills, these adults also serve as literacy models, assisting students to develope as readers and writers.  Recognizing all stakeholders are vital to student succes and focusing on doing what's best for kids, it truly is "amazing what we accomplish when we're in it together."